The Easy-Going Coffee Brewer

1 March 2020

By simplo

You wake up too early in the morning. Yet another eventful day ahead of you. So you go to the kitchen. Barefoot and still a little sleepy. The phone is already beep beep beeping with notifications. But first… coffee. You set up the brewer. Then switch it on. And moments later, your morning dose of energy is about to kick in. One sip is all it takes. Pure bliss. The mood brightens. Your annoyance hits the mute mode. Do you feel it? Now, let the world go crazy. As usual. You’ve got this. 


Meet the Moccamaster — the coffee brewer that keeps things simple. An automated beast made for busy coffee lovers. For those who want easy access to filter coffee. For passionate souls, always one the run.


Intro if you’re not that into

Two main concerns when it comes to automated coffee brewers. First, single immobile stream. When water is aiming at one spot the whole time, it’s not brewing the coffee evenly enough. The second thing is unsteady temperature. Usually, it means that your coffee is attacked with boiling water. Without too much drama, let’s just say it’s a waste of good coffee. So before anything else, make sure your equipment got these issues handled.


Also, keep a close eye on the functionality of the design. It’s mostly about the number of utensils you will have to clean after your coffee is done. And last, have a mind to the looks. You don’t buy a coffee brewer only to have another pretty gadget, but it’s gonna be a noticeable element of your kitchen. Make it fit.


Master of simplicity

This brewer is not about all the bells and whistles of preparing coffee. It’s about getting quality as little effort as possible. Kind of SIMPLo style if you ask us. All you have to do is use decent water, proper coffee and set your grinder right. Consider filter dedicated coffee. Espresso blends will do the work, too.


On the practical side, it’s low maintenance through and through. Easy to brew. Easy to wash — lid and filter container can be cleaned in a dishwasher (not the jug, though). Easily available filters.


Brewing in the fast lane

With its nine nozzles, Moccamaster gives your coffee a generous water shower. The decent flow rate is definitely one of the features that are not easy to find when it comes to home/office coffee equipment. Another rare quality — stable temperature of the water. It’s not always the same but fluctuation between 92 and 96 degrees fits the ECBC/SCA guidelines. And it’s consistent enough to beat the competition.


Things get hot pretty fast with this one. Thanks to short heating time, your coffee is ready in 5-6 minutes. Then the build-in hot plate keeps it pleasantly warm (80-85°C) for another hour or so. Nice gadget but don’t stall with the refill too long. Coffee is a fleeting pleasure meant to be shared. Pour a cup to your neighbor or ask some friends over. Don’t let the aroma and taste wear off.


There are times when only an instant dose of our favorite roast can keep us calm and able to carry on. Moccamaster doesn’t judge, it understands. The flow stops when you take the kettle off. You won’t make a mess if you pour yourself a cup before the whole glass jug is ready. A practical touch that makes your life a little easier.


The charm of one switch

If you’re a fan of good coffee but not the hassle of preparing it, Moccamaster is your way to go. It’s user-friendly and super easy in service. Readable scale on the chamber allows you to make up to 1,25 liter of coffee. Just take off the plastic dripper and put a filter into it. To make the final flavor undisturbed by paper after-taste, wet the filter with hot water before adding the coffee. Keep the proportions (55-75g/l). Or experiment and make it your style. After putting the dripper back, all is set.


Switch it on.

If you feel like putting some more effort, stir the slurry right at the start to let the water flow through coffee evenly. A tiny stir at the end wouldn’t go amiss as well. But it’s not a necessity. You can be lazy with that one and still get a satisfying taste.


So… When can we drop by for a cup?