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Flavored Fruit Infusion

Annemarie Red Berries

Hibiscus, Rose Hip Peels, Apple, Berry Leafs, Liquorice & Raspberry Pieces

Goes without saying — we all gravitate toward kindness. And yet, after a few first impressions, it’s the playful sarcastic comment that keeps things interesting. We get it. You don’t want to have it sweet around-the-clock. Here’s to the smart comebacks spiked with a harmless dose of the sour taste.


This feisty balance of red fruits and sun-ripped raspberries is genuinely engaging. Take a shot at Annemarie Red Berries. Sweet and sour — is there a better pair in the flavor world?


Ingredients: Hibiscus, rose-hip peels, apple pieces, berry leaf mix, licorice, raspberry pieces — all from certified organic cultivation, natural flavoring
Brewing time: 5-8 minutes

Net weight: 150g

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