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Enamel mug

SIMPLo Sip Bold

400 ml

Perfect for all adventurous souls. Take it for camping, bid to your globetrotter’s backpack. Catch some memories on the way, add coffee during the break. Stir with bonfire stories. SIMPLo unforgettable flavor.

Make a statement with bold monochrome design. Daring on the outside. Purely white on the inside — ready to show off the true colors of your taste. No half-measures with this one.


Not sure if you’re a match? Don’t you worry about a thing. Our mugs have hots for all types of cookers: gas, electric, ceramic, induction, as well as open fires and gas grills.


CAUTION: Be careful with hot drinks. 
Hold with respect. Sip with love.

Made in Poland.


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