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Mr Clever Dripper

530 ml

There is no wrong time for good coffee. But it’s hard to find a better moment for a cup of joe than Monday morning. What will it be then — French press or dripper? Don’t say it. We know you can get a little hesitant and cranky before the first dose of caffeine kicks in. So whatever mood hits you, Mr. Clever Dripper is ready to brew your flavor of the day. What a catch!

Made to deliver the best of both ways, this filter coffee brewer is an answer to the multitasking trend. Shaped a lot like a pour-over brew, stands out with a stop tap at the bottom of the cone. Put your coffee in, pour the water over, stirr a few times, and steep for 1:30. Ready when you’re ready.


Friendly remark: The box does not include filter papers. Find them here.


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