SIMPLo tyvek bag front
SIMPLo tyvek bag back
Tote bag

Hi, Needo


Put your laptop in it and take a remote day. Work from the downtown cafe or close-by park. This bag is made to follow your needs. Dig into it for a book and enjoy your afternoon coffee break to the fullest. Got moved by the story? No shame in shedding a tear or two. Just reach inside for tissues. When it’s time to go home, throw in some groceries on your way.


Keep it all in one Tyvek bag. They say it’s a fabric of future — light, waterproof, breathable, and extra strong. Way to handle things!

Caution: We’re bringing eco-friendliness to another level. Let’s do it with taste.
Let’s do it SIMPLo.


Made in Poland.


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