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electric coffee grinder

Wilfa Electric Grinder

On your way to purchasing a good-quality electric coffee grinder at a reasonable price? It’s a perfect time to stop and take a closer look at this one.


Listen. The sound of grinding beans is always a prelude to the relaxing process of making coffee. Luckily, the Wilfa Grinder tunes smoothly with all home filtered brewers. Aeropress, Chemex, V60… You name it, they will play a nice duet. Slow speed DC motor keeps the subtle aroma compounds alive. So now you can create a perfect cup (or five) of your favorite flavor without losing any note.


Slacker tip: This grinder is super easy to maintain. Plus, it’s not too shabby so you can keep it on your kitchen counter. SIMPLo as that.

Wilfa Coffee Grinder Specs:
Grind adjustment built right into the 250g (UV protected) hopper
A timed grinding option
Slow speed DC motor

Measures: 170 x 285 x 130 mm


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