Making Coffee Simple (Again): SIMPLo Story

1 January 2020

By simplo

When we were starting our careers in coffeeland, you could easily get your hands on, and enjoy a cup of decent coffee without a barista degree. And that’s what we’re bringing back. So take a seat, join our table. Let’s talk SIMPLo.


Go with your intuition… Of course, our name comes from the word “simple.” That’s what we want you to think about coffee. Because it’s a simple drink, it has always been. It draws people together from all walks of life and starts conversations. It makes new friendships, strengthens existing bonds and inspires the soul.


​It springs up from our main idea. And we carry it through everything we do. For instance, we don’t distract you from the taste descriptions. Our packaging texts are short and to-the-point — focused on flavor notes. Still, you can find a lot of interesting facts and inside stories about farmers and mills on our blog. We also avoid  limiting you with certain brewing techniques. SIMPLo gives you the freedom to make your coffee as you like it. No know-it-all guidelines and strict instructions.

Lean on our experience

SIMPLo began during a conversation over a coffee about how things used to be. Remembering the time when the coffee was the focus; quality and taste being everything.


So if you deeply care about coffee standards, consider yourself one of us. But, even if you don’t count yourself as a coffee aficionado… That’s fine too. We dig deep into coffee specifics so you can simply enjoy the taste. How’s that possible? You don’t have to play guitar to appreciate rock’n’roll, now, do you? The same goes for specialty coffee. It should be accessible to everyone.


We believe everyone should be able to enjoy SIMPLo life. And it’s our job to make it happen. Constantly traveling for new flavors, always learning, developing, experimenting… We do all the hard work, so you can find pleasure in top-notch coffee. Without any added worries in your cup.

Sip SIMPLo. Whenever, wherever…

Every day, we give you great coffee without compromise when and where you need it — perfectly matched to how you want to drink it. Filter, espresso, with milk, black, however, you want. When you see a SIMPLo bag on the shelf of your favorite coffee shop, you know you’ll have a great cup in your hands.


And we always make sure that you can get hold of it easily. Just go to SIMPLo web-store if you want to get your favorite coffee for home. If you seek the cafe experience — visit one of the places serving SIMPLo.

SIMPLo promise

SIMPLo’s not a gimmicky new way to experience coffee, it’s a reminder that when you mix top-line ingredients with the knowledge you get back to the coffee culture we fell in love with when it all started. That sweet spot where every experience counts for something. We promise to never stop challenging your expectations of what great coffee is because, for us, this conversation’s just beginning.


As SIMPLo Co-Founder, Konrad Oleksak observes: „It’s a great satisfaction to see people enjoying SIMPLo no matter how deep into coffee they are. Because flavor is so much more than just a short impression. It can trigger memories and bring up happy moments again and again. Knowing that our coffee can become reminiscent of first date or Sunday family time… It just keeps us on our toes.”


And that’s why you can be sure that we will stay true to the SIMPLo promise — because we don’t have any made-up mission. We’re driven by real-life experiences. Daily reminders of what coffee is really about. Everyday moments worth cherishing. And that kind of fuel just never runs out.