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Aguas de Março

Caramel, Nuts & Stone Fruits

Warm and hearty, classic flavors and aroma speak volumes in this balanced roast. Light-medium roasted Brazilian beans give a crisp richness where chocolate and smooth caramel are lifted with tropical peach, plums, and nectarine. Add milk if you wish to mellow the flavors and bring out the nuttiness or hit it straight up for more of a kick.


A casual small-talk or meaningful heart-to-heart, Aguas de Marco invites you to open up for conversation. Follow the poetic vibe of this liquid bossa nova. Find strength in its gentleness. It’s there. Somewhere between the first sip and a bottom of your cup.

We heard that the French press is a key to Aguas de Marco’s heart. But with such melodic flavor… Why not play with it a little? Try it your way. Bring new instruments. Join the SIMPLo band.

Net weight: 250g