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Dried Fruit, Blueberry & Candy Like

This light-medium roast is a great all-dayer with tangy fruits and berries to sharpen the senses.

Beans from Ethiopia give the roast its floral fruity aroma with a deep yet soft body. Grab a cup, splash in some milk to draw out its richness or just go black. Whatever you wish, it’s a treat. High taste, low maintenance, you’re gonna love it.

Spiked with the gumption of jazz, Ora is the answer to your lapse of focus.

Early morning meeting, long hours at work — we’ve got you. Lively attitude coming from the song is exactly what you get with this coffee flavor, sip after sip. Turn your distractions into blue notes. Play it brave.


Get back into the charismatic groove of your routine. While we find it’s not shy in performing in any drip method, Ora syncs exquisitely with Moccamaster. Just turn the switch, it’s SIMPLo. Wait. What is that sound? Is your foot tapping already?

Net weight: 250g