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Decaf Espresso Roast

Pressure Drop

Biscuits, Vanilla & Cocoa

You don’t need a degree in taste to know this will be a good cup when it hits home. Balanced flavors and bakery aromas draw you in with this medium roast. Great crema and packed with robust flavor this decaf will convert even the most hardcore coffee lover.
Down the hatch…


Loosen up. Put the music on. Get yourself in a full weekend mode. Cause we totally dropped the pressure with this one. Can you taste the aroma of freedom, yet? Caffein-free Pressure Drop spreads a melting vibe, keeping your worries at bay. Live in the moment. Don’t let the song end.

Release the flavor of serenity with a French press or make an espresso and experience the full potential of Pressure Drop.

Net weight: 250g