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Espresso Roast

Bang Bang

Cocoa, Walnuts, Dried Plum & Cloves

A fiery Italian espresso that dances across the tastebuds. Medium-bodied with a typical Italian kick that gives way to rich cocoa and walnuts with slight tinges of plummy goodness. Slightly sweet aroma.

Try it with milk to tease out macadamia nuts, tone it down a bit with some hot water as an American or be bold’n’brave with a double shot.


Bang Bang! What’s here to add? This aroma makes you wanna shout with joy. After this cup of confidence, you’ll be ready to face whatever music awaits for you! Get in the boogaloo mood, turn your steps into an energetic strut. Let’s roll in SIMPLo style.

For a sprint experience, make a Bang Bang espresso. If you want to run deep, go with an Aeropress or filter coffee machine. Whatever the pace — you’re gonna enjoy the distance.


Net weight: 250g