The Clever Way of Brewing

The Clever Way of Brewing

1 February 2020

By simplo

Introducing manual coffee in your kitchen is like throwing a party. You can either plan, prepare, cook a ton of food, and be a dedicated host… Or you can just ask your friends around, order your favorite delivery and simply enjoy the good time, letting the laid-back atmosphere make your guests feel welcome.


With Clever Dripper you get that easy kind of fun. Your party is ready in two to three minutes. No mess, great taste. If you’re just getting started with manual coffee, it’s the right place to begin your adventure.

All set

It looks innocent, but you can make a mean coffee once you know a few ins and outs of Clever Dripper. It’s suitable for Moccamaster Nr 4 filters — well known to any pour-over lover. To control steeping time, use a special locking feature. There is also a lid to help retain heat while steeping. The brewer comes with a plate to rest it on. Keeping the process nice and clean.


Side note: If you’re familiar with a regular drip and French press, your intuition will easily lead the way to a satisfying cup of coffee from Clever. It’s a mix of these two worlds created to make your brewing experience effortless.

Different kind of brew

Clever Dripper uses a full-immersion brewing method. So it’s more like bathing your beans, while the drip method is closer to washing. Immersion style allows your coffee grounds to infuse with the water. As a result, the steeping gives you a much fuller-feeling, stronger-tasting coffee than drip brewing.


Like with French press, throughout the entire brew the hot water and the grounds stay in full contact. So you get similar, delicious body, but much less sediment. Thanks to the steep-and-release mechanism, you decide when it’s time to stop the steeping. Bonus advantage — extracted coffee goes directly into your cup. No risk of messy cleanup of a French press.

Easy way to rich flavor

To make your cup, put a filter in the brewer and add a standard dose of fresh ground coffee 5-7g per 100ml of water. Then pour hot water over the coffee and leave it for 1,5-2,5 minutes. A lid, included in the set, will help you keep the brewing temperature stable.


When you decide it’s time to stop the steeping, simply place Clever on top of your cup. The release mechanism on the bottom of the dripper will drain coffee straight into it. See? Easy as that. To clean it up, just dump out the coffee grounds and rinse the brewer with hot water.



Who’s a match for Mr. Clever?

It’s a pretty forgiving dripper. You can easily get full flavor extraction and good body, no matter how advanced you are. Nice to play with before you start experimenting with more flexible brewers. Or for experienced coffee geeks who like trying new methods and aim to achieve a good effect at low effort. Making coffee lover’s life simple.


Clever suits all kinds of SIMPLo roasts, so use whatever is your favorite. Though if you’re looking for some pointers, check out Ora and Aguas de Março. If you’re a fan of rich, chocolatey flavors, there is a fair chance that this dripper is about to become your new brewing idol.


Now, don’t forget to put some music on — the song of your chosen roast, maybe? And have fun brewing!